Legal Notice

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We reserve the right to refuse to supply Cannabis Seeds to anyone who we have reason to believe are likely to use it for illegal activities. 


For states where Cannabis germination is legal, viability and germination rates of all varieties are tested on a regular basis. 

All persons who purchase seeds are responsible for their actions. SeedSupreme Seedbank will accept no responsibility in this respect. 

Sales Warning

Germination of Cannabis seeds is illegal in certain states of the USA.

We refuse to sell cannabis seeds to anyone we have reason to believe is going to cultivate them where it is illegal. We will endeavor to notify any customers when cannabis becomes legal in their state.


We dispatch our seeds on the condition that they will not be used by others in conflict with the applicable buyer's local law. Unfortunately, regulation and implementation in respect of cannabis seeds often differ from state to state. We, therefore, advise you as a matter of urgency to make inquiries about the regulations to which you are subject. For this reason, SeedSupreme Seedbank will accept no responsibility for products intercepted or lost in transit if you place an order for a product to be sent to a state where it is illegal.

As a SeedSupreme Seedbank customer, you are also prohibited from distributing SeedSupreme Seedbank seeds to states where possession of and/or trafficking in Cannabis seeds is illegal.

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